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the national mall is preparing for a packed crowd today whether you will be there to experience the sights and sounds or whether you plan to be at home being we have everything you need to know today. >> once party is over, it is back to work on capitol hill with less than a month to raise the debt ceiling. we'll show you where the fight stands today.
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good morning to you. it is the fourth of july straight up 6:00. i'm allison seymour. steve is not here today. >> that moons i'm here, wisdom martin. thank you for waking up with us. at least one death. we'll talk about that as far as weather is concerned, is being blamed on the strong storms that are to through the area last night. a man was killed by a falling tree while he was riding his bike yesterday on the c & o tow path. it happened just before 7:00 last night. the man was in his 50s. some areas still feeling the effects of yesterday's strong storms. they started around 6:30 last night. they kept up for a few hours. about 10,000 customers in virginia, maryland and d.c. without power. >> this will be your typical, hope any, fourth of july as far as heat is concerned. hopefully, we don't have any more drama like that.
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>> keep our fingers crossed. can't rule out the possibility of a few thunderstorms. >> we want to hear about it. >> i would like to share. >> the possibility of a few more thunderstorms later on today. any time you are talking 90s and summertime in washington, some of the storms could be strong. there is your radar. mostly quiet conditions after the late night thunderstorms. still one or two showers here south and west of fredericksburg down towards charlottesville. that is the worst of t here is the deal. before a cold front trying to make its way through. apts weak one and it is going to kind of hang up just south of washington later today. any time we get a frontal system this time. year, that can serve as a place to get some lift in the atmosphere. the possibility is out there we could see more showers and more thunderstorms redevelop along that line later today.
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temperature at dulles, 75. partly sunny skies. a little less humidity than yesterday. temperatures still in the low 90s. isolated and/or evening thunderstorm a possibility. got to be ready for it just in case. that being said, much of the day should be dry. >> most of the barbecuing activity will be all right. >> that is good because i got good plans today. >> are you the grill master? >> top secret. >> happy fourth of july, lauren. >> good morning. things are hooking pretty good. we do have a lot of closures for folks around the national mall for folks heading down there for the holiday events. your best bet is to take metro if you are heading down there. if you are heading back from the beach, route 50 across the bay bridge being going to be busy. it is between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. so plan accordingly. out on the roads, we are still dealing with some of the effects from last night's storm, north glebe road between
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34th and 38th street remains closed because of some branches and trees down across the roadway. that is the arlington side of the chain bridge. we are tealing with this does abled vehicle northbound 395 at edsall road. not causing much of of a problem for you. just stay to the left there. 95 northbound at the truck scales. we had reports of a wreck. not seeing it in this camera angle but again, light volume. the hov restrictions are lifted so shouldn't be much of an issue. hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for route 50, john hanson highway. no real problems to report. beltway looks great right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. big story this morning, the fourth of july celebration. >> a huge crowd expected to head out to the national mall for the annual holiday concert and fireworks. fox 5's sarah simmons is live
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there with the details. >> good morning. the storms that rolled through here has put them somewhat behind as they are trying to make prep rigs down here on the national mall for the big fourth of july celebration. so it is going to be another hot one on this fourth of july. so there are a lot of things that people need to know if they are coming down here in order to prepare. there will be tens of thousands of people down here as there usually is. public access to the mall is not going to begin until 10:00 this morning. so people will able to get in. a lot of the locals that we have talked about -- or talked with have said they would stay away from here. if any of you do plan on going, the u.s. park serve us says they really emphasize they do not want people to drive. they want folk to take metro. so here is what you need to know about metro if you plan on. coming down here. it is opening at 7:00 a.m. it is open 7:00 a.m. to mid night. the smithsonian station which is down here is expected to be closed most. day and will reopen for entry
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only after the fireworks in order to get the floods of people out of here. metro will run six and eight- car trains and for safety reasons, many of the escalators will actually intentionally be shut off. they will not be running. so keep that in mind. you will be doing a lot more walking coming out of the metro stop. what to bring or not to bring. no grills, no alcohol, no glass bottles down here and also, of course, no personal fireworks for your safety. however, if you want to bring coolers and backpacks, can you do that. those will be allowed in. they will be checked at the 10 entrance points that are going to be parked by the big white tents. so you can bring those in. they will be checking those to make sure there is no alcohol or anything else that should not be in there. again, it will be hot. make sure and bring plenty of watt enter that cooler and again, 10:00 is when public access will be allowed here.
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around 9:15, whenever the timing is just right, light- wise, is when they will be letting the firework go off. back to you. >> thank you. the first family will host the fourth of july celebration today on the south lawn of the white house. members of the military and their families have been invited toot barbecue concert. a fantastic few of the forks. president obama and his family returned from a weekend trip to camp david yesterday. congress shortened its holiday recess to deal with the looming august 2nd deadline. an amendment says in part the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned. republicans aren't holding back with their thoughts on his move. >> that is crazy talk. it is not acceptable for congress and the president not to do their job and to say somehow the president has the
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authority to then basically do this by himself. we ought to sit down and work together. >> former president bill clinton hinted that there could be a mini deal on the debt that would include spending cuts and a six to eight-month extension. he was protesting the very thing that could have saved his life. what happened when a motorcycle ride went wrong. also ahead, the royal newlyweds continue their tour of canada. we'll tell you what is in store today for the duke and duchess of cambridge. my busy family, the family with thousands of odors.
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a motorcyclist protesting helmet laws in upstate new york was killed when a lost control of his motorcycle, went over the handlebars and hit his head on the pavement. the man was taking part in a protest ride. he and other bikeers weren't wearing their helmets. troops say a helmet would have saved his life. in florida, jury deliberation are set to begin
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today in the casey anthony trial. she is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. sunday, she cried in court as the prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments. the duke and duchess of cambridge continue their royal tour of canada. prince william copilots a helicopter during an emergency training exercise on prince edward island today. the goal of the trip is to even the bonds between the monarchy and canadians. the newlyweds head to california july 8th. next, your fourth of july forecast . >> and will we see a repeat of yesterday's strong storms? we'll check in with tucker barnes when fox 5 morning news continues.
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a quick look at what is in store for fourth of july celebrations on the mall today. as always, it is going to be packed. the national park service says your best bet is to take metro t runs from 7:00 this morning until midnight tonight. for security reasons, the smithsonian station will be closed today but can you use it to go home once the fireworks are over. for more details on metro and where you can find the entry points for the mall, go to and look under hot topics. she held her own for years against the guys. today, the black widow, sonia thomas, will go against another eight women in nation and's hot dog eating contest. for the first time in years, they decided to hold a women's
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contest. back in 2009, she ate 41 hot dogs in just 10 minutes. naftay. we always say this. i don't know if you've noticed, she only weighs 105 pounds. >> i don't understand how anyone can eat line that. >> 41 hot togethers in 10 minutes. >> just in general being when i see these contests and you see these people shoving hot dogs and hamburgers and this anterior drinking. i can't comprehend it. >> how do you recognize that you have this talent. when does it strike you. >> when you practice. >> tucker, these are things that we question. >> we ponder in life. >> she only weighs 105 pounds. >> you remember when she came into the station and you took her on in a chicken -- >> i wasn't here that day. >> tucker has been practicing. >> i practice every day but you'll never compete with her. >> was she nice when she came? >> very nice. she is all business.
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>> so she was hungry when she came in? she's always hungry. we'll kick off the forecast with the beach. generally speaking, i think it will be a decent day at the beaches. cape hatteras and virginia beach have a pretty good chance of storms. 86 at cape hatteras. virginia beach, about 09 later today. these are scattered isolated thunderstorm risk. 85 in ocean city. rehoboth, 88 again. most of today should be dry with highs in the upper 80s. go up the coast a little bit and bethany and cape may, could be one or two scattered thunderstorms out there. let's do satellite-radar and right now, we are walking up with a lot of haze, a lot of leftover moisture in the atmosphere. that is about t the rain showers and very heavy thunderstorm ask tuft we had roll through here at about the 6:00 last night.
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you can see from the messy map we got here out to the south and west that we've got a frontal system in the neighborhood w that front just wavering around here later today, we'll get enough energy to bubble up along it that we've got the risk of showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast late today. here is the good news. front should be just far enough south that the highest risk of a thunderstorm will be south of the city. we can't rule out at lost the possibility of a few scattered showers or thunderstorms here in washington later today. 74 at reagan national. 6 # 6-- 68 in gaithersburg. a few widely scattered thunderstorms. a little less humid than yesterday. that should start to feel better. winds out of the north and west at five to 10. could be a leftover shower or thunderstorm early this evening and partly cloudy and mild and muggy wherever night.
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tomorrow looks great. upper 80s. wednesday, not bad. could be a scattered thunderstorm. let's look at weather. let's do some traffic and see if anybody is on the roads this morning or if you can have them all to yourself. >> for the most part, you can take your time this morning. things are president-elect you empty as far as volume. we do have a few little incidents to talk about mostly due to the storms last night. we are just getting a look at video from arlington. we can see a lot of storm damage. traveling on north green bay road between 34th and 38th street, it is shop sht down. this is a look at 35th street near north williamsburg
6:21 am
boulevard. -- it is shut down. as you head northbound 395, we had an earlier disabled vehicle. that has cleared out. look at this nice height volume. hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for route 50, the john hanson highway. nice, easy trip out of manassas and here passing nutley street in toward the beltway. traveling in the tricycle, florida avenue westbound at rhode island avenue is blocked due to some earlier accident activity that's a check of your -- earlier accident activity. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the jackpot was $100 million the win being tick --
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the winning ticket sold right here in the area
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there is less than a month left for lawmakers to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling and cutting the deficit. >> talk are moving slowly to say the very least. fox's steve centanni has more on harsh words for the obama administration from republicans. a verbal slap today at the obama administration from a key republican who says the president has no constitutional advantage in the current debt showdown. >> treasury secretary timothy geithner invoked the 14th amendment of the constitution recently apparently attempting to cast doubt on the legality of a debt limit. the amendment says the validity of the public debt shall not be
6:26 am
questioned. here is the reaction from texas senator john cornyn. >> that is not crazy talk. it is not acceptable for congress and the president not to do their job and to say somehow the president has the authority to then base you canally do this by himself we ought to sit down and work together. >> there >> bill clinton said last night, i hope they will make a mini deal. >> ten are to cornyn didn't total dismiss the idea. >> the problem with a mini deal is before a maxi problem. the big problems aren't going to go away in you cut a mini deal. >> in washington, steve centanni, fox news. debt probably won't be something you will have to
6:27 am
worry about if you bought the winning megamillions ticket last week. the winning ticket is worth $105 million before uncle sam gets his share, of course. here are is winning numbers from the friday drawing. good luck if you are out there and call me if you won. we can share. >> call me too. we can be best friends. there is no place like washington, d.c. to celebrate the 4th. >> we are here with everything you need to know to make the most of the celebration. your full forecast and a rundown of what not to bring if you are heading to the mall is up next. 
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at least one death is blamed on the strong storms that tore through our area last
6:31 am
night. a man was killed by a falling tree while he was riding his bike yesterday on the c & o tow path. the man was in his 50s. some areas still feeling the effects of yesterday's strong storms. they started around 6:30 last night. they kept up for a fall hours. downs trees and power lines proved to be a big problem. right now, about 10,000 customers in virginia, maryland and d.c. are without power. >> tucker barnes, you're here now to tell us about what we expect for today. >> no to-overs. >> let's keep our fingers crossed we have no do-overs. generally speaking, it should be a little bit better than yesterday. hd radar has one or two sprinkles out there trying to work in from the west out towards manassas. still got a lot of cloud cover and a lot of haze and humidity in the atmosphere from all the rain we had around here yesterday. you can see things have really quieted down after the
6:32 am
explosive atmosphere we had around here yesterday. temperature right now, 74. 74degrees. dulles, 71 and bwi marshall, going to be hazy here. kind of a typical fourth of july forecast. during the fourth of july, we usually have the threat of a thunderstorm. we've had it again here. a few storms possible, highs in the low 90s. >> we are used to the heat. we're ready. >> we don't have a choice really. we have to be ready. >> it is better to be prepared. lauren demarco is always epared she is in for julie. >> good morning to all of you. i'm so happy that the fourth of july. kind of excited about the fireworks tonight and if you are heading down there, hopefully the weather will cooperate, not like last night. we do have a couple of things going on. we had some reports of an
6:33 am
accident northbound 95 at the truck scales. looking there, light volume. if there is any activity out of the camera angle, it shouldn't slow you down much. let's take a look at the video from the storm damage that was done. here we are westbound, that was westbound florida at rhode island avenue. it is shut down with a quick. this is the video near 35th street. trees down across the roadway. some of the damage is done from last night. video taken this morning that is still the scene as you head out the door this morning. . north glebe road closed between 34th and 38th street. other than that, things look pretty good. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. very nice trip if you are traveling route 50, the john hanson highway, keep in mind the hov restrictions do remain in effect on that road. if you are traveling across the bay bridge, now a great time to do it. the busiest times will be between 10:00 a.m.
6:34 am
and 6:00 p.m. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. big story this morning, the annual july 4th concert. does that mean today. >> it doesn't matter what that saws. there is still some dos and don'ts you should know about. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: thousands of people are expected down here like they are every year. public access to the national mall will not begin until 10:00 a.m. as you heard tucker say, it will be another hot one again for this fourth of july. a lot of people that we had talked to, maybe some locals that say i'm going to stay away. but if do you plan to go, the national park service is really recommending that you don't drive and that you instead take metro. but here is some information you need to know about metro. if you do plan on taking that today. it is going to be open from
6:35 am
7:00 a.m. until midnight. the smithsonian station is going to be closed until after the fireworks and then it will open back up. that way being people can flood out of here pretty quickly. they will be running six and eight-car trains to try to deal with the crowds. for safety measures, many of the escalators will not be on. they will have them turned off just for safety reasons. many people want to know what they can bring. in years past, some of these are very much the same. no grills, no alcohol, no glass bottles, no personal fireworks. you are allowed to bring coolers and backpacks down here. you will want to bring some water with you. but you will have to have that checked at any of the ten entrance marked by white tents. they will be searching those to make sure you don't have any of those things like alcohol, anything you shouldn't have in this or fireworks. it will be another hot one p bring lots of water with you down here and be prepared to be
6:36 am
sitting next to 10,000 of your closest friends. back to you. the first family will host a fourth of july celebration today on the south lawn of the white house. somebodys of the military and their families have been invited to a barbecue, concert and a fantastic view of the fireworks. president obama and his family return from a weekend trip to camp david yesterday. president obama says nothing is off lull toys for tots help finalize a new debt ceiling deal including eliminating some tax breaks. tim geithner invoked the 14th amendment apparent attempting to cast doubt on the legality of a debt limit in the first place. the amendment says in part the validity of the public debt say shall not be questioned. >> that is crazy talk. it is not acceptable to say the
6:37 am
president has the authority to do this by himself. >> former president bill clinton hinted there could be a mini deal on the debt. the deadline for the new deal is august 2nd. emergency crews think a lightning strike is to blame for a fire in mount airy. one firefighter was hurt. members of the congregation say though it is a small chp, it has by big -- a small church, it has by big imact on the community. >> i'm hoping we will rebuild and serve this community. i'm sure we will. we don't give up easily. >> marvin chapel methtivity church just got a new pastor. the congregation was supposed to meet him yesterday. rain gives a boost to firefighters and brings some relief for people forced from their homes because of a wildfire in new mexico. an evacuation order for some areas affected by the fire has
6:38 am
been lifted. roads are now open and people living in los alamos can return home after being forced to evacuate last monday. fire has burned more than 120,000 acres an is only 11% contained. up next, a look at what is making headlines this morning including what is said to be one of the toughest crackdowns on illegal immigrants in the nation. a new force that is in the armed with weapons. they are armed with pizza. they are doing their part. 
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deadly violence at a hotel crowded with fourth of july tourist. a police officer and anotherperson were shot and killed at the doubletree hotel some memphis last night. police say officers were on the scene after being called out if a domestic dispute. the officer who was shot took
6:42 am
the stars while the other officer took the elevator -- the stairs while the other officer took the elevator. it will be a felony to use faults documents when applying for a job in georgia. an up inauguration review board will be started to investigate officials who don't comply. rebel forces continue to try to gain the upper hand on pro-goodive a forces. one man is helping out by making sure those on the front lines are fed well. rick leventhal has more. >> reporter: libyan rebels don't have military rations to eat on the front lines. they have something better, hot slices of pizza delivered fresh to the trenches every day. the pies are made from scratch in a secret location by an
6:43 am
assembly line of volunteers. all the ingredients donated by locals. they make huge piles of dough, spread the sauce, add the toppings and bake nonstop for hours, 500 to 700 pies every single day. >> good. >> he moved to sweden from libya 10 years ago to open a pizza parlor. he came back to help the op vision the only way he knew how. >> you don't know how to shoot but you know how to make pizza. >> this kitchen is located dangerously close to the front lines. we've agreed not to reveal its exact location because these guys say, if ghadafi's troops get a fix on this place, they'll target it for sure. up to seven drivers take great risk to deliver the pizzas to hungry fighters. there is take-out too. rebels come and pick up the pies at no charge with no
6:44 am
utensils necessary. it's easy to eat it. >> yeah, walking as you eat. >> they can eat pizza and fire weapons at the age sim. >> yes. >> mohammed says she tracted 6,000 to 8,000 slices a day for 15 days now and will keep making the pies until ghadafi is gone. >> that is interesting. something you don't think about. >> and on a less serious note, pieces awould be good right about now. >> wisdom's getting hungry. >> not used to this schedule. >> i'll be use to it the long are i get into it. >> lunchtime for us is in about an hour. >> i'll bring my own pizza tomorrow. >> this is the all-important weather forecast because we have a lot of outdoor activities and we'll step into yesterday first. here are your rain totals from
6:45 am
yesterday. reagan national, you had a lot of rain. dulles, not so much. a washout in parts of the area. winds gusting to about 70 miles per hour yesterday down at the national mall when the storms came through. that is pretty impressive you. satellite-radar, just a few clouds to start your day. here is what is going on. cold front -- we'll call it a cold front trying to get through the region. that is what kicked off the showers and thunderstorms yesterday. it will waver here just to the south later this afternoon. and with that in the neighborhood, that will provide sort of a focal point to lift some of the energy here in the atmosphere and the bottom line is we could see the possibility of some more showers and thunderstorms bubble up in the afternoon heat later this afternoon. you got to be ready for it. i think the thunderstorm
6:46 am
activity will be less intense and less numerous than yesterday. we could see a -- hear a few rumbles of thunder. annapolis, 73. 68 in martinsburg and hagerstown. 92 today so it will be a hot one. nice tomorrow. wouldn't you know it, 88 with sunshine. we had, thursday and friday, we get back into what we call an unsettled pat were. we could get a shower or thunderstorm each afternoon. i think most of today will be just kind of hot.
6:47 am
>> okay. >> okay? >> got it. >> good. allison, wisdom. feel free to comment. it is time for ask weather guys. that is the fun segment where tony perkins and i put our famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from michele burgess. she writes: my son always sneezes in bright sunlight. why does the sun trigger sneezing? >> i did not know that. >> let me kick off by -- we have a crack group of researchers here that do this for us. you know, we've got various unterns. let me thank jolene anderson for answering this one. here is what happens. when you step out into sunlight, your eyes -- there is a pathway that your eyes send
6:48 am
it your brain that you need to restrict your pupils. because you need to take in less light. are you with me? >> yes. >> you also have your nose, triggers pathways that will let you know if your nose is being irritated. that sends a signal to your brain to let you know you need to sneeze. okay. so what happens in certain groups of people, the signals get crossed. so when the eyes constrict rapidly in the bright sunlight, it sends a message to the nose that it is being irritated and they start to sneeze. >> this is so interesting. >> isn't that fascinating. >> researchers don't know why it happens with certain people. they think it is jeannette you bes. apparently, it runs in families. you didn't know this. about one-third of the population sneezes at times due to bright sunlight. crazy? >> never heard of that.
6:49 am
i don't think i've ever even seen that. >> never known anybody. >> apparently, it is not that uncommon. >> michelle's son is a sun sneezer. >> try to say that three times quickly. great question. that is the answer. so for an unknown reason, the signals get crossed in the brain. >> i can pot wait to dazzle friend -- i cannot wait to dazzle friends with that. >> put some money on it. >> always about oning some money. >> we just told the viewing public. >> this is like a party trick. if you have a question you want answered, go to >> what is that mousse you can?
6:50 am
>> i have no idea. >> the >> let's get onto traffic now. >> does it have to be sunlight. we have agot this thing overnight produces are when we come in, a lot of the times, of course that walks in the newsroom start sneezing. we blamed it on the air. but i wonder because it is dark out -- >> no, it is the air. >> you was trying to let fox off the hook. >> all right then. out there on the roads, we have been deal with the aftereffects of the storms last night. there are some downed trees and power lines and crews have been working -- we're looking at fireworks now. we're dealing with downed power 34th and 38th streets on glebe road.
6:51 am
give yourself some extra time if you are traveling in arlington. something to avoid. taking a look at our triskaidekaphobia trafficland cameras as you head westbound, your lanes are blocked due to a wreck. there you are. you cannot access westbound florida at rhode island. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >> thank you. the fourth of july may make you want to brush up on your photography skills. there are plenty of picture perfect moments to capture around here especially this time of year. here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the best things possible. take a closer look at your camera to see if they have the fireworks setting. many point and shoot cameras do have that today. avoid external light sources
6:52 am
like street lamps. turn off your flash and make sure your auto focus is off. >> they had a lot of that going on last night when i was trying to sleep. it happens. >> this time of year. >> let's talk about movies. >> this is the third installment of the transformers series and it is pulling in some big bucks at the box office. >> tyrese stars in the new transformers movie. i just like to call him by his first name. >> i see. >> he sat down with kevin mccarthy from 106.7 the fan to talk about directing with the direct our, michael bay and the challenges of shooting an all- action all the time movie. >> i want to look cool in slow motion. how do i do that? >> if you are adding shorts, it adds a different type of
6:53 am
nuance. >> bring some oil. and if you are wearing something like this, it is about low angles and you just look straight as if you don't even notice that the camera is there and just get it on. >> i think anything looks cool in slow-mo. you could wash your hands and it looks epic what would you want to do something in slow motion? >> us about to say something but it is just too hot for tv. >> the last hour is one of the most unbelievable scenes. >> it is game on. go in and tell effect about the history, the back story. come get your boy. >> you show up in the best part of the movie. when you are shooting these scenes being you are dealing with cgi characters that don't exist. you are talking with them and interacting with them. what are you looking at and is
6:54 am
it harder or easier for you to act with something that is not there or a real person. >> they have these really tall poles and they put the head of optimist time or bumle bee, who are wear communicating with. that is what happens. we are able to get our dialogue out and keep our eye lines where they're supposed to be and it is not really challenging as you would think it would be. i think it is actually more challenging to work with some of the actors you've had to work with in past. it is like really, really, you do what? like where are you supposed to be here with like four coaches because this is just crazy. but it's fun, man. you can't believe i'm a part of. this i am the biggest geek whenever. >> nerd tears.
6:55 am
there will be a moment in this film that you are going to cry nerd tears. >> i cried three times. >> there we go. this movie is dead serious. and you'll not just saying it because i'm in it. we're supposed to say that but trust me, this movie is very special, very significant. >> emotional too. >> and hats to have michael bay. you really outdid yourself on this one and thank you. >> and thank you, tyrese. transformer, dark of the moon, dominated at the box office this weekend pulling in $97.4 million. >> are you okay? >> you can go see tyrese's new movie any time. >> i have cried a tear, not a nerd tear. coming up next, looking for a fun way to spend the 4th. head on over to george's house. >> that is george washington, of course. holly is live at mount vernon for a look at how some of our nation's first president is celebrating. r r lti'm ju a pieg at the corner of j and k,
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good morning happy july 4th. if you are still looking for some fun things to do and finding ways to celebrate america's birthday i have the perfect idea. live at mount vernon they have a whole slew of activities planned some inside some out. you don't have to worry about the heat we are starting inside they have a wonderful exhibit going on that has everything to do with the mount vernon ladies association and the past 150 years and how they have made it their mission to collect all the thing that is were once here if you head outside, they are going to have our first commander and chief himself here showing up this morning. the activities will begin before our show is over we will get to watch him take part in, reviewing

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Washington 6, Us 5, Virginia 4, John Hanson 3, Vernon 3, Obama 3, Arlington 3, Rhode Island 3, Dulles 3, Bill Clinton 3, Phil 2, The C & O 2, Bet 2, Sarah Simmons 2, Tucker Barnes 2, Steve Centanni 2, Tucker 2, Tow 2, Florida 2, Canada 2
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